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December 2016

December 2016

As you may already know The Lord Carlile of Berriew QC CBE has accepted our invitation to become SRP’s first ever Patron. I am delighted with this development. Lord Carlile, who has a long standing interest and expertise in the related field of security, will be an outstanding mentor for the Society’s developing role. He will be coming to part of our Annual Conference in Aberdeen in 2017 and will be the guest of honour at the Annual Dinner on 17th May – so I hope many of you will get an opportunity to meet and chat with our new Patron in person.

Talking of developments, a ‘Committee Engagement Day’ was held in London on 23rd November. It was a lively and well attended meeting with lots of feedback from those present – mainly committee Chairs and Secretaries. This was a key event in terms of future development of SRP.  We have grown and changed significantly in the last ten years and SRP has an increasing reputation nationally and internationally. I believe we are at a crossroads, and the task ahead is not just the responsibility of SRP Council and the volunteers that help to run the society but for all of the membership. During the day we discussed the challenges we face, what we have done well or perhaps not so well, opportunities, and how we deliver more effectively.  There is still work to do and we want to ensure members have information available for them to understand and be involved with what we are seeking to achieve.  Essentially we want to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. The engagement day set out some structural changes involving the creation of four arms: Operational Management, Engagement, Science and Technical, Professional Standards and Development.  The arms will each be headed by a Director who is also a Trustee.  This creates three more elected Council Officers, to share the workload of those existing.  There was good support for this framework and the next steps are to finalise role profiles for Directors and the terms of reference for the four arms before re-examining the various committees needed to achieve the best fit into these delivery arms.   The presentations for the day will be on the website. Please read them and if you have questions do not hesitate to post to me.

As you may already be aware, towards the end of November there was allegedly an unauthorised penetration of our website. I can reassure you that an immediate investigation was undertaken and, with advice from Pulse8 (our website developers and hosts), appropriate mitigating actions were taken swiftly. We will also be accelerating a planned formal penetration test for the website to identify any other potential vulnerability, close any gaps, and provide further reassurance as to the website’s security.

Recently I have attended a number of meetings related to the BSSD implementation process. Indeed it is a very busy time on various fronts including the establishment of a process for MPE recognition and the progress of plans for an improved overall system for professional registration and expert recognition. Further developments will be forthcoming over the next few months and when they materialise I will keep you all informed.

I would like to encourage all ‘young’ RP professionals to engage with the UK Young Professionals Award (YPA) competition to be held in Aberdeen in May next year by submitting an abstract. The rules and the entry form are available on the website, and the deadline for submission is not until 31st March 2017 so there’s no excuse for missing out. As you know Adam Jones – a previous winner of the UK YPA – had fantastic success in Cape Town by winning the equivalent international competition. I would like to think that one of you now toying with the idea of entering the UK YPA could end up repeating Adam’s success in The Hague in 2018. So go on – submit that abstract you’re thinking about – you know you want to!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. On behalf of Council, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday season and a successful New Year. See you in Aberdeen if not before.

Best wishes


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