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2018 SRP Weekly Updates
May - 2018 Dunster Lecture, Donate to Support SRP's Outreach Activities, EA New Charging Scheme, New Flag starts its Year Long UK Tour, New Affiliated Organisation Rep, Joe Kennedy and SRP2018 
April - Visit of SRP Patron to the Institute of Naval Medicine, Radiation Protection Council, Annual Review, Roger Berry, AGM Papers, Work with Ionising Radiation Guidance, SEPA Consultation, RP Legislation and Fred Bentley.
March - Written Ministerial Statement on Euratom Exit, 2018 Big Bang Fair, 2018 Hon Fellows, 2018 Founders' Medals, Peter Beaver, Transport Statement from ONR, Alan Marsh and New Mentoring Scheme. 
February - 2018 Election News, MPE list, Lord Carlile speaks at the House of Lords Debate on the Nuclear Safeguards Bill, SRP Makes its Mark at the House of Lords and Chris Davies.
January - BEIS BSSD Update, RP on Wikipedia, New 5 Year Strategic Plan, IRR17 Graded Approach, Emergency Preparedness and Response Document, SRP Position Paper on Brexit and the Implications for RP, Written Ministerial Statement: Euratom, IRR17 and Transport or Radioactive Materials and  Nuclear Sector Deal.
2017 SRP Weekly Updates
December - IRR17 Update, Industry Leaders Debate New Radiation Legislation, SRP Flag and Mike Rodgers. 
November - President visits ONR, Update on Members Communications, Charles B. Meinhold, New IRR17, ACoP and the new notifcation process, Alan Knight and President visits Sellafield. 
October - Review of the Implementation of Hp(3)TLDs for the Assessment of Eye Doses, A Plea - Does the UK Need Liquid De-Minimis Values?,  EA & ONR Publishes Annual Report, SRP at Manchester Careers Fair, Scientists Find Radioactivity from Fukushima Beneath Beaches, New Parliamentary Bill, The selection and purchasing of lead aprons - BIR Position, AGM Minutes.
September - New Scientist Live Event, Low Level Health Risks Smaller than Obesity, Article on Non-Cancer Diseases Caused by Ionising Radiation, New Medical Physics Expert (MPE) List, John Lakey, William Anderson, SRP Attends Euratom Exit Discussions, ONR Transport Competent Authority Established.
August - SRP Lesson Plan Used in Canada, Scotland's oldest reactor to be demolished, International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) Report No. 91 Has Been Released, Leaving the EU and Euratom, Ron Clayton.
July - New SRP Media Officer, RP Graduates, SRP Statement on Euratom, New Draft Regs Consultation Full Documents, First Shipment of Spent Fuel Leaves Andreeva Bay.
June - Jack Schull, SRP Directors Announced, Incoming President's Forward Look, Airport and Nuclear Security Workshop.
May - 2017 Dunster Lecture Video, SRP Annual Conference, New SRP President, SRP Annual Review, Society Restructuring.
April - New Honorary Fellows, Founders' Medal, Random Mutations in Cancer Article, Cosmic Radiation Video in Aviation, Scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management Annual Report, PHE publish survey of the transport of radioactive material by road and rail.
March Have you done any work on assessing eye doses? Council Election Results 2017, SRP Back at the Big Bang Fair, SRP Helps Debunk International News Story, University of Surrey Revamp MSc Radiation Course.
February - SRP Election 2017, Opinions Published on Risks Posed from the use of UVC-lamps, 2016 Journal Highlights, Doors open at unique nuclear archive, United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) 2016 Report Now Available, Environmental Regulators Publish Report on consultation responses on Guidance on Requirements for Release (GRR).
January - Trustees Meet New Patron, 2017 Dunster Lecture, JRP Special Issue, SRP member on BBC2 Programme.

2016 Weekly Updates
December - BSS Meeting report, Chernobyl Documentary, Scottish Event Report, Roger Coates Presented with OBE.
November - Lord Carlile To Be SRP’s First Patron, Major Award for Chernobyl Research, SRP Committee Engagement Day, New Guidance on the Certification of an RP Expert and 'Fake or Fortune' - SRP offers Radiation Advice for BBC TV Show.
October - SRP in Manchester - Careers Fair and Science Festival, SRP President-Elect visits LLWR, 60 Years Since Queen Pushed Button to begin Calder Hall Operations, New Report from COMARE, French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) Introduces New Transport Registration Requirement and BIR launches new safety guidance.
September SRP Member is new BIR President, New Guidance on Oil and Gas Permits and Reviews on population doses.
August - Presidential Message on UK RPE/MPE Recognition Options, Communicating evidence in the media - joint AMS and SMC roundtable report, Safecast: successful citizen-science for radiation measurement and communication after Fukushima, President Elect's First Official Visit, New SRP Hon Secretary and PHE research on radon in workplace basements.
July - JRP Impact Factor, First Students to Graduate with RP Degree,  The Italian Radioprotection Association (AIRP) Field Intercomparison Exercise, Compatability of Windows 10 with Grove Engineering software, President's Blog and RWA update.
June - EMF Regulations are set to change, Expert reaction to UK leaving EU, Government & Industry Leaders Debate Contaminated Land Issues Event and Royal Honour for Roger Coates.
May - IRMF Event, SRP Member in Successful Help with EU Negotiation, The SRP Flag, UK wins Young Professionals Award at IRPA14 and awards won at SRP's Annual Conference 2016.
April - New Honorary Fellows, Founders' Medal, IAEA Press release: Key nuclear security agreement to enter into force in May and Chernobyl Anniversary
March - The Big Bang Fair 2016, Council Election Results 2016, Police Scotland Security Chief Aids UK Radiation Safety Experts, IRPCG Meeting, Fukushima - five years on and New Health Safety and Nuclear Regulations.
February - SRP Election 2016, Iridium-192, SRP2016 Programme Released, Release of Sites from Radiation Substances Regulations, New Authorisation re Landfill Disposal and SRP President-Elect.
January - Pete Burgess to give Dunster lecture,  SRP members meet Jim Al Khalili, Roger Coates to be IRPA President, Influence RP system, Name New Element, Professional bodies add huge value to society, RPA2000 New Fees and Joint Renewal Scheme, Full publication of the Glasgow IRPA13 Scientific Proceedings, SRP from Space and Stan Batchelor Retires.

2015 Weekly Updates
December - President's Christmas Blog, Ten Tenuous Links to Tim Peake, Call for Volunteers, ONR's regulatory research register published and ICNIRP Commission.
November - Nominations for Council, UK Measurement Strategy Consultation, EA Excretion Factors, SRP Facebook page, Portable Gamma Event and UK Radon week.
October - SRP at Manchester Science Fair, Pete arrives safely in Australia, Chernobyl wildlife, Radiation Sheilding for Diasnostic Radiology, Airport Passesnger Screening, SRP Chartered Members List and A Review of SRP Links with RPA2000.
September - SRP Committee Engagement Day, AURPO Award, 2016 Subscriptions, SRP Annual Conference 2016, New Information Sheet on Managing Site Radiography and COMARE Vacancies.
August - Formal Comments for IAEA Documents, Affiliate News, BBC Programme: Inside Sellafield and Who's going to Australia? South West event and Member visits North Pole,
July -  Call for Abstracts, SRP Annual Conference 2016, Bursaries for IRPA 14, IRPCG visits Winfrith, Volunteers Needs for BMWG, Schools Film, ONR Guidance Notes and Nuvia Cycling.
June - NIR Topic Group EMF guidance documents, Women in Engineering Day, Multispectral Imaging and Magna Carta, BSI Call for Volunteers, SRP Quiz, Reviewing the System of RP, John Dunster Lecture Video, It's all change at Lam Impex Systems, Award Winners, 2016 Annual Meeting Date Released and PLATENSO.
May - SRP Launches SRPedia, AGM Papers, Aurora Expert Workshop, RGG, School Science Day was a Big Hit with Students, The 2015 John Dunster Lecture, Pete Cole becomes new SRP President, SRP Annual Dinner and Awards, SRP Bake Off and Affiliate Meeting at Annual Conference.
April - Launching SRP Forums, President's Blog, Discussion on Curies' Scientific Achievements on Radio 4, New Honarary Fellows, New Council Member, BBC publishes article on Chernobyl Wildlife and Magnox and RSRL merge to form one company.
March - Defra and Welsh Government Consultation on Waste Sector, New Rays' Awareness Book, 2014 JRP Highlights and Remembering Sir Terry Pratchett.
February - President's Blog, New Standard for Interventional X-ray Equipment, PHE Radon Videos and Radio 4 Photon Programme.
January - CPD, Call for Placements and Good news for University of Cumbria.

2014 Weekly Newsletters
December - Annual Call for Committees, COMARE response, 2nd European Workshop, Insurance for RP Professionals, SRP Security Course, SRP Member gives Schools Talk and Christmas news.
November - Nominations for Council, Occupational Exposure Working Group, New Medical Guidance for RWA Portfolios, New Affiliate Representative, Eastbourne 2015 and IRPA President meets with IAEA Director.
October - New CRadP Form and Guidance Notes, Nuclear Industry Code of Practice, South West Conference, RWA Workshop and IRPA Report from the WNA Annual Symposium.
September - Source Security Event, New AURPO President, Revision to BSI Standard for Laser Products, Doses from Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations Report Now Released and 2014 Summer Newsletter.

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