All ICRP Annals are available to SRP Members for One Year

ICRP recommendations are published in its dedicated journal ‘Annals of the ICRP’.  The Annals are therefore extremely important in the field of radiation protection.  ICRP, to mark its 90th anniversary, is raising funds to make access to the Annals (except for the most recent rolling two years) free to everyone.  SRP Council has agreed to support the initiative and donate £9,000.  As this commitment has been made this year (2018) ICRP has confirmed that every member of SRP will get FULL access to the Annals for one calendar year (2019) - before ICRP make everything but the most recent rolling two years free once the fund target (€500,000) is reached.  To gain access click here – you will need to be logged into MySRP. 
Members are asked to encourage their organisations to consider supporting this key initiative and individuals can of course donate (and Gift Aid their declaration).  FAQs and ICRP contact details are available here.

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