Small Users' Liaison Group

The Small Users' Liaison Group (SULG) is an EA run group of non-nuclear industry representatives which meets twice per year. HSE and DECC are also on the membership. SULG's objectives are to provide: a forum for effective liaison, communication and consultation between non-nuclear users of radioactive substances and the EA; an improved understanding of EA and Users' objectives, priorities and constraints in respect of the management of radioactive waste, with the aim of improving both the clarity and consistency of regulation.

Notes from 49th Meeting (29/11/17)

- Anna Mayor from ONR presented an 'ONR Tansport Update'

Notes from the 48th Meeting (19/7/17)

-  Anna Mayor from ONR presented an 'ONR Transport Update' 

James Taylor from HSE gave a presentation entitled 'Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017'

Notes from the 47th Meeting (25/1/17)

Notes from 46th Meeting (5/7/16)  Papers: ONR Transport presentation

Notes from 45th Meeting (8/12/15)    Papers: Public Exposures Workstream (DECC) & EA response when patients treated with alpha emitting radionuclides at one hospital are later admitted to another hospital where the permit does not include alphas.

Notes from 44th Meeting (18/6/15)

Notes from the 43rd Meeting (4/12/14)

Notes from the 42nd Meeting (10/6/14)

Notes from the 41st Meeting (4/12/13)

Notes from the 40th Meeting (13/6/13)

SRP's representatives on SULG are Sheila Liddle and Alan Marsh.  Please contact them if you would like to raise any particular issues.  The next meeting of SULG will be in late 2017.

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