Jon Fear: "My hobbies? Beekeeping - did you know that bees have to fly 55,000 miles and visit 2,000,000 flowers to produce 1lb of honey."
Member Since: 2007
Grade: Member (MSRP)
Interview Date: April 2017
Who do you work for?
Imperial College London,  as a Radiation Protection Officer and Deputy RPA/RWA.
Please describe your work in general and what are you currently working on?
I play a vital role in the administration and management of ionising radiation protection at Imperial College.  This involves assuring compliance with the IRR99, the EPR2010 and other relevant legislation.  I help to plan, co-ordinate and oversee the administration of radiation protection across the University.  This includes the management of dosimetry, statutory record keeping, the provision of training, managing the acquisition of radioactive substances, radioactive waste management, equipment testing, workplace monitoring and leak testing.  As deputy to the College RPA/RWA I perform these functions in the absence of the appointed full-time RPA/RWA and, as such, hold appropriate certification for these roles. 
What do you enjoy most about your job?
The varying nature the work, meeting different people and not having to sit behind a desk all day.
Can you recommend any information resources that have been useful for you in your work?
SRP and AURPO web pages.  The Radionuclide and Radiation Protection Handbook (D. Delacroix et al).
Describe SRP in three adjectives
Professional, knowledgeable, helpful.
What has been the most memorable, or useful, SRP event you have attended, and why?
The most useful event I ever attended was the “putting together your first portfolio" event.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the very first one in Oxford, and it really demystified the whole process for me, and inspired me to get my RPA portfolio together and submitted.
Where do you live?
Ashford, in Kent.
Who do you live with?
My wife, daughter and lots of animals!
Tell us more about the animals.
Two ponies, three cats, a tortoise and a chicken called Dotty.
What are your hobbies?
Catching a swarm.
Share a fascinating fact
Honey bees have to fly 55,000 miles and visit 2 million flowers just to produce 1lb of honey.
What would be your Desert Island Disc?
Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out – The Rolling Stones.
Which book would you recommend taking on holiday?
Anything by John Connolly or Simon Kernick.
Who would you like to be for a day?
If it has to be a living person, Lewis Hamilton.  If it can be anyone from history, Ramesses II.
What would be your superpower?
The ability to teleport (so I can avoid my four hour daily commute).
What's the most exciting or interesting thing you have ever done?
That’s a difficult one!  I climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge once and have driven a Formula Renault racing car (0-100mph in 3 seconds).
Driving a Formula Renault racing car.
What's your favourite meal?
My Mum’s roast dinner.
What would be your dream holiday, assuming unlimited money and a month off?
Cruising the Nile and seeing the ancient sights of Egypt, followed by a couple of weeks relaxing in the Maldives.
Do you have a funny, or interesting, or embarrassing story you can share?
I recently renewed my wedding vows in a Las Vegas wedding chapel and Elvis conducted the ceremony!
Renewing wedding vows in Las Vegas.
What's your favourite smell?
Freshly cut grass.
Curry or pizza?
No contest, curry.
Finally, what question haven't we asked you, that we should have done?
What are your future ambitions?
And what's the answer to that question?
Health, happiness and fulfilment at work.
Jon's contact details.
T : 020 759 43045 M : 07711 684 746 E :  W :

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