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SRP Annual Conference

Bournemouth International Centre, 05 - 08 July 2021

Honorary Fellowships

 Immediate Past President Pete Bryant awarded John Bradshaw the 2020 Honorary Fellowship.  View John's full citation.







 President Jim Thurston awarded Steve Griffiths the 2021 Honorary Fellowship.  View Steve's full citation.







Founders' Medal

 Pete Bryant awarded Jess Heaps the 2020 Founders' Medal.  View Jess' full citation.







 Jim Thurston awarded Sarah Hunak the 2021 Founders' Medal.  View Sarah's full citation.







Awards from Conference

 Jim Thurston awarded Kathryn Ambrose the 2021 Young Professionals Award for winning the best presentation in the YPA group.  Kathryn will now present at the IRPA European Congress in Budapest next year.






 Pete Bryant awarded Alison Hume the Rising Generations Group (RGG) award - she won the best presentation          from the RGG presentations.






 Jim Thurston awarded Jonathan Coleman-Zheng the Philip Nicholson Award for winning the best poster presentation.







 Jim Thurston presented the best exhibitor award to Aurora - he can be seen here with Amy Elliot and Adam Scott from Aurora.







Roger Coates OBE was presented with a special award in recognition of his long-standing commitment to the Radiation Protection profession.   He has been invited by our patron Lord Carlile to dine with him at the Houses of Parliament and is pictured centre with Pete Bryant and Jim Thurston who presented him with the invitation.






Prizes from Conference

Mutahir Ahmad was given a prize for getting an amazing total of 12,019 points on the conference app!  He was followed closely by Phil Ahmet, maybe next year Phil.

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