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SRP Annual Conference 2021

Bournemouth International Centre, 05 - 08 July 2021

SRP Annual Conference 2021

The 2021 Annual Conference was succesfully ran as a hybird conference meaning that delegates were able to attend in person as well as watch sessions online.  There were nearly 200 people at the Bournemouth International Centre, with 30 exhibitors and 180 people joining us virtually.  The conference app was a real turning point this year, it meant that everyone that attended physically as well as those online was able to see what was happening at the conference and delegates online were able to take a look at all of the exhibitors even though they couldn't actually be at the venue.  The SRP 5K on Tuesday morning was a lot of fun, we had just over 15 people take part in person and just over 10 people join us virtually - taking place right at the start of the conference, we think that this will be a real kick-off for future conferences to come, .

The conference was combined from last year's conference due to COVID-19 which meant this year we added an extra day.  We streamed over half of the sessions for delegates unable to attend in person, and even though there may have been a few technical hiccups, this was a great success.  

Take a look at the amazing photos from the conference and we do hope to see as many of you as possible next year.

The Annual Conference next year is due to take place from 5 - 7 April 2022 at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.

COVID-19 News - Risk Assessment and Safety MeasuresThe conference was able to take place as it was within the roadmap step 3 plan of the UK Government.

The following measures were put in place:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for SRP’s 2021 Annual Conference
Safety measures put in place 

Event theme: Practical Radiation Protection: Innovation and Challenges    
The last few years have seen a variety of changes and challenges in the RP community with the implementation of the 2013 EURATOM Basic Safety Standards into UK legislation and the impact of BREXIT.  The focus is how we address these challenges from a practical stand point, and how implementation has worked for example:

• Medical sector - has the revision to IRRs including changes to the new eye lens dose, IR(ME)R and CDG changed the practice of RP in hospitals?
• Nuclear Sector - for compliance with REPPIR, how does an RPA argue SQEP to deal with a site emergency when the highest activity experienced is 1 Bq/cm2 alpha on a foot?
• Oil and Gas industry - how have changes involving NORM affected work and disposals of waste arisings?
• Has Brexit impacted foreign students attending UK universities and R&D at establishments such as JET?
• Has the cost associated with notification etc, meant schools no longer teach with radioactive sources when discussing half life and shielding?
• What future RP challenges does the future hold with the development of the UKs Geological Disposal Facility and development of Small Modular Reactors.
This conference intends to address these and other concepts from a practical standpoint with presentations from across all areas of the RP community, from the medical field to non-nuclear with speakers with experience as RPAs, RWAs, regulators, instrumentation and dosimetry experts .


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