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23rd Sep 2021

Misinformation and what to do about it

Free Webinar 12:00 - 13:00 (BST)

Have you ever inadvertently spread misinformation? Recent surveys on trust indicate two thirds of people are worried about what is real and fake on the internet and a similar proportion of people say…

25th Nov 2021

Radioactive Source Security Course

To become recognised as an individual RWA you need to be able to demonstrate competence in all parts of the RWA Syllabus to an Approved Assessing Body. The RWA syllabus includes the topic of…

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7th to 10th Jun 2021

Putting together your first portfolio for RPA2000


The third “Putting together your first portfolio” event was an opportunity for anybody seeking certification through RPA2000 to hear from assessors and experienced professionals, as well…

3rd Jun 2021

Sealed Source Management and Security

Free Webinar, 12:00 - 13:00 (BST)

This talk looked at the management of sealed sources, focussing on practical aspects and on source security. Gwen dusted off her Environment Agency hat and included some of the topics of discussion…

11th May 2021

Introduction to RGG

So what is the RGG? This event was an interactive online meeting where members found out more about the Rising Generation Group (RGG). There were short presentations from Pete Bryant (SRP…

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