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John Broughton (President 2012/13) with the four Founder Members who attended the 50th Annual Conference in Harrogate in 2013. L to R: John Collins, Bernard James, Muir Wasson, Joe Kennedy.  

Key Dates

  • 1963  Founded as "The Society for Radiological Protection'
  • 2007  Royal Charter of Incorporation granted 10 December
  • 2013  Society Celebrates 50th Year

The Society 50 Year History (1963-2013)

Anyone wishing to be sent a printed copy should contact us.  The electronic version is available below:

Introduction John Broughton (President 2012/13)
Overview Geoffrey Webb (President 1991/92)
Part 1 1963 to 1988: A reproduction of the booklet produced by Jack Martin to mark the 25th anniversary of the Society
Part 2 1988 to 2013
Annex 1 Founder Members' Meeting 8th May 1963
Annex 2 Honorary Fellows
Annex 3 Founders' Medal Recipients
Annex 4 Past Presidents
Annex 5 Honorary Secretaries & Treasurers
Annex 6 Membership Structure
Annex 7 Photographs from the first 25 years
Annex 8 Council photographs
Annex 9 The First SRP Conference - 30th October 1963
Annex 10 The Royal Charter

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