The History of the Society


John Broughton (President 2012/13) with the four Founder Members who attended the 50th Annual Conference in Harrogate in May 2013. L to  R: John Collins, Bernard James, Muir Wasson, Joe Kennedy.  The five Founder Members who were unable to attend are Mike Longden Thurgood, Hugh Orchard, Barrie Skelcher, David Sowby and Bernard Wheatley.

Key Dates

  • 1963  Founded as "The Society for Radiological Protection'
  • 2007  Royal Charter of Incorporation granted 10 December
  • 2013  Society Celebrates 50th Year


The Society 50 Year History (1963-2013)

Anyone wishing to be sent a printed copy should contact The Society on  The electronic version is available below:

Introduction John Broughton (President 2012/13)
Overview Geoffrey Webb (President 1991/92)
Part 1 1963 to 1988: A reproduction of the booklet produced by Jack Martin to mark the 25th anniversary of the Society
Part 2 1988 to 2013
Annex 1 Founder Members' Meeting 8th May 1963
Annex 2 Honorary Fellows
Annex 3 Founders' Medal Recipients
Annex 4 Past Presidents
Annex 5 Honorary Secretaries & Treasurers
Annex 6 Membership Structure
Annex 7 Photographs from the first 25 years
Annex 8 Council photographs
Annex 9 The First SRP Conference - 30th October 1963
Annex 10 The Royal Charter

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