Applying for Registration

Applicants should carefully read the relevant Application Form and the associated Guidance.  Care should be taken in selecting suitable Supporters (see the Guidance). 

  • Send a copy of your Application to each of your Supporters with a Supporter's Form and ask them to return it to you.
  • The completed Application Form and Supporter Forms, together with any additional relevant documents, should be emailed to us.
  • The application fee should be paid via bank transfer (see the Application Form).
  • An annual fee is payable to remain on the CRadP Register
  • If further evidence is requested, no additional fee is due.  However, if an Applicant is advised that their Application has failed, then any new Application will require a new fee.

Application Fees£80       CRadP Application
£50       IRadP Application   
£30       TechRadP Application

There is then an annual fee payable.  For 2023 this is £30 (CRadP), £25 (IRadP) and £20 (TechRadP).

CRadP FormsGuidance
Application Form
Supporter Form

IRadP FormsGuidance
Application Form
Supporter Form

TechRadP FormsGuidance
Application Form
Supporter Form

Other Documents

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