All applications are assessed by the Membership Committee. Listed below are some useful tips that you may wish to consider when completing your application. They may seem obvious but they come from the Committee's experience in assessing applications:

  • Follow all the instructions and complete every section of the form as requested.  Failure to do so may result in your application being returned.   Take care with your grammar and spelling and make sure the information you provide is consistent across every part of the form.  The Committee is not impressed by incomplete or badly completed forms. 
  • Be specific and give sufficient detail. The Committee often has to request further information because applicants generalise.  Make sure you highlight the radiation protection aspects of your work in detail.
  • Remember to focus on the outcomes and be clear on what your contribution was to an activity and what you learned from it. A Job Description can be helpful but the Committee needs to know what radiological protection experience you have and especially what you have actually done.
  • Don't make the Committee work too hard or expect them to read between the lines.
  • Be aware that the Committee needs to have information on both your technical and your leadership skills to see which level you are working at.
  • Choose your supporter(s) carefully and following the guidance.  Make sure that you show them the guidance as they may not have acted in this capacity before.  Your supporter(s) should ideally have extensive radiological technical and leadership experience.  Their role is to confirm their knowledge of your professional experience but they are not responsible for providing the content.
  • It is a good idea to ask for advice from colleagues who are already members.
  • Most of all, remember that you need to make the case as to why you should be given the category of membership applied for.
  • If your application is rejected and you re-apply, make sure that you specifically address the feedback given.
  • In addition to the guidance provided within the application form, the documents Membership Criteria and Membership Grades Summary are essential reading prior to submitting your application.
  • Please make sure you mention in your application any registrations (eg HCPC, CSci, CEng, etc) or certifications (eg RPA, RWA, MPE, LPA etc) that will help to demonstrate your radiation protection knowledge/experience/competence.


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