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The Application of ALARP to Radiological Risk - A Nuclear Industry Guide

This Guide is published by the Industry Radiological Protection Co-ordination Group (IRPCG) on behalf of the Nuclear Industry Safety Directors Forum.  The application of the principle that occupational exposures to risk and hence the risk of radiation exposure are required to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) is a fundamental requirement of UK Health and Safety legislation. This Good Practice Guide (GPG) details the principles and practices that are considered to be good practice in the nuclear industry. It is not and should not be read as a code of practice, it solely provides a reference that can be utilised by nuclear industry practitioners. The issue of this GPG is not intended to initiate wholesale review of existing arrangements where there is no other driver to do so. The (Nuclear) Industry Radiological Protection Co-ordination Group (IRPCG), which is a working group set up by the Nuclear Industry Safety Directors Forum (SDF), reviewed the approaches to the application of ALARP across the nuclear industry. Effective application of ALARP requires a multi facetted approach and the review found that whilst good practice could be found with all operators, there were areas where operators could learn from each other. It was also felt that although there is a vast selection of published material on this subject, nothing had been produced for the industry from the perspective of the nuclear industry practitioner. 


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