The Benefits for Employers

Why should you encourage your employees to join SRP?

If your employees are SRP members and Registered Radiation Protection Professionals your organisation is demonstrating to customers, competitors, regulators and the public that it aspires to the highest professional standards.

You will be confident that your staff

  • are keeping up to date with developments in radiation protection
  • will be more aware of good practices within other organisations
  • are aspiring to the highest professional standards

And, by your support of SRP membership, your staff will know that you are an employer that aims to retain and develop employees.

Your staff will have

  • access to peer review of their competence
  • better access to acknowledged leaders in the field
  • opportunities to attend discounted events in support of their professional development
  • access to information on Society bursaries
  • opportunities to influence the development of legislation and guidance at a national and international level
  • greater awareness of the importance of public communication and engagement on radiation issues and have access to commumication techniques and good practices

SRP membership also gives easy access to RPA2000 - the organisation in the UK which is approved to confer legally required certificates of competence to those working in the radiation protection sector.  SRP members receive a 50% discount on new applications and renewals.  The financial savings are substantial; the current RPA2000 fees are given here.

Like what you hear?  Then why not also join as an Affiliated Organisation? This is an excellent way of demonstrating that your organisation is committed to the highest professional standards concerning radiation protection.   See here for a list of other benefits and a list of those already committed to supporting SRP's objectives.

Further Information  An SRP representative will be pleased to speak directly to any employer and address and specific issues or queries that you have.  Site visits and presentations to management and staff can also be arranged.  Please email us if this would be of interest.



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