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Lesson Plans

SRP has developed lesson plans for use in schools and colleges.  The content is matched to curriculum topics in pre-GCSE science.

Lesson Plan 1 - Basic Principles of Radiation Protection - for external sources
Lesson Plan 2 - Basic Interactions of Ionising Radiation with Matter
Lesson Plan 3 - Everyday Items
Lesson Plan 4 - Demonstration of Half-Life
Lesson Plan 5 - Fission Chips
Lesson Plan 6 - Contamination

Information videos

The Importance of Radiation to the Medical Profession - 40 mins

What's the Risk? Putting numbers on the chances in your life (Prof David Spiegelhalter) - 50 mins

Radiation ..... Don't Panic! - 43 mins

Our Radioactive World - 3 mins

Other Information Available for Your Students

Basics of Radiation leaflet 


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