What We Do

The Society for Radiological Protection is the principal independent professional body for Radiation Protection in the UK.  It has 2000+ members and, outside the USA, is the largest radiological protection society in the world.
The Society is a learned focus for understanding radiation hazards and solutions, and for providing information to Government, industry and the public on Radiation Protection.  It also ensures that professional standards are available for Radiation Protection professionals in the UK.
The Society operates in the fields of medicine, the nuclear power cycle, research and other settings that use hazardous radiation.  It is involved in advising, training, educational outreach, and helping to improve regulatory response, understanding of accidents and improving emergency response. To pursue its objectives across these fields the Society works with a number of allied societies, educational establishments and Government departments and agencies.
We also serve the public by providing information about radiation protection and associated careers via our Outreach Programme.
The Society
  • has a programme of events covering the full range of radiation protection and topical issues.  The Annual Conference attracts over 300 attendees and has a comprehensive exhibition.  
  • publishes the internationally respected Journal of Radiological Protection (JRP) which is regarded as one of the leading peer-reviewed journals in the world devoted entirely to the subject. 
  • publishes a free magazine Radiation Protection Today

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