Objectives of the Society for Radiological Protection

The SRP was founded as a learned society in 1963. It became a registered charity in 1973 and regularly provides awards, student bursaries and scholarships to develop radiation protection professionals. The Society’s full objectives are listed below and in brief they are:

  • To promote the science and art of radiation protection
  • To disseminate knowledge and support relevant education
  • To promote high professional standards to the public benefit.


The ubiquitous nature of radiation uses (both ionising and non-ionising) requires our field of activity to cover safety aspects of radiation in medicine, industry, the nuclear power cycle, education and research. There are also cross cutting issues such as regulatory control, accidents, prevention of terrorism and emergency response. To pursue its objectives across all these fields the Society works with a number of allied societies and Government Departments and Agencies.

The Society has a programme of scientific meetings, workshops and seminars covering the full range of radiation protection and topical issues. These provide opportunities for assessing the profile and development of issues and a platform to disseminate policy and guidance. The Society also runs international symposia which attract high-profile international speakers and experts.

The Society publishes the internationally respected Journal of Radiological Protection for which scientific papers are subject to peer review. More topical issues are covered in a regular Newsletter; an e-mail discussion group of some 600 radiation protection professionals; and the Society’s own website, www.srp-uk.org. The website has a range of features to support professionals in radiation protection.

The Society currently has 2000+ members and, outside the USA, is the largest radiological protection society in the world.

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