Rising Generations Group

RGG was set up in 2010 as part of an SRP initiative to increase the involvement of less experienced radiation protection professionals in the Society and to address the specific needs of newer members of SRP.  Membership currently stands at over 250 members - approximately 15% of the total SRP membership

The RGG Committee consists of members at different stages of their careers practising radiation protection and with a varied range of experience. The aim of RGG is primarily to aid in establishing a career in radiation protection by providing opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and career guidance from more experienced practitioners and providing chances to network and communicate experiences with other RGG members. We also aim to encourage people into careers in radiation protection and membership of SRP - and last, but by no means least, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of RGG activities to employers.

So who can join?

Any SRP member, of any grade, who feels they would benefit from the opportunities provided by RGG in order to establish or progress their career in the field of radiological protection. There is no cut off age for joining RGG !!

RGG's short term plans

•  Events: Two events have been held already and more are planned.
•  Encourage RGG members to volunteer to take part in events (posters, presentations etc)
•  Set up a mentor system and encourage communication between RGG members
•  Creation of an electronic booklist of practical and useful information available through the SRP website.

RGG at SRP's Annual Meeting

RGG members play an important role in the success of the SRP Annual Meeting.  As well as participating in the main speaker programme, members also take part in the Young Professionals Award (short 8 minute presentations with a chance to represent the UK at the next International Conference) and organise a well attended RGG dinner on the Tuesday evening.


RGG members at the Rising Generations exhibition stand




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