The SRP Flag

In 2013 SRP Member Bob Kerr took an SRP flag to a few metres short of the summit of Everest.  The same flag then went to the North Pole with SRP Honorary Fellow Wendy Bines and to Canberra with SRP President Pete Cole on his trip to give a Keynote Address at the Australasian Society's 40th Anniversary meeting in 2015.  

SRP Members: Are you travelling anywhere amazing or historic?!  If so please email us and our special flag can go with you.

Mike Wood (Univ of Salford) at a workshop in Japan (Feb 2017)

Sam Watson (PHE) at the National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas (Feb 2017)

Marcia Oliver and Nick Trafford (2016)

Marcia Oliver 2016 (India)

Alex Rankine 2016 (Great Barrier Reef)

Claire-Louise Chapple & Amber Bannon 2016 (Robben Island)

Wendy Bines 2015 (North Pole)

Pete Cole 2015 (Canberra, Australia)

Bob Kerr 2013 (Everest)

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