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Madeleine Lees

Madeleine has been a member as SRP since 2013 and is currently a Health Physicist for Babcock International.

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Stephanie Bloomer

Stephanie has a background in Physics having an MPhys from The University of Hull and a PhD for her thesis modelling gamma dose rates and mobile detection units in urban environments.

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Laurence Warren

Member since 2006 and awarded SRP Scholarship in 2006/7 to do an MSc Radiation and Environmental Protection at the University of Surrey. Now working for Sellafield Ltd.

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Jennifer Humphries

Jennifer has a degree in Biochemistry with Biotechnology and Industrial Experience and spent her industrial experience year at BNFL Springfields where she was introduced to safety in the nuclear industry. She enjoyed it so much she applied for BNFL graduate recruitment and has been working for BNFL, British Nuclear Group, and Sellafield Ltd ever since.

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Sarah Hunak

Sarah has a degree in physics from Liverpool University and wrote her final year dissertation on the link between radiation in pistachio nuts and Iran’s nuclear capabilities!

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Lindsey Bobrowski

Lindsey’s background is in physics, graduating from University of Kent (BSc) and the University of Surrey (MSc). Lindsey first started work at Aurora as part of her MSc project investigating methods for providing effective training for those working with ionising radiation. After the project ended she was offered a full time role as a trainee RPA/LPA.

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Lorna Galbraith

An accredited RPA and RWA, Lorna has been working for Nuvia for 9 years mostly supporting nuclear projects including a long term secondment to RSRL at Harwell and several positions at UK reactors during refuelling outages.

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