SRP Annual Conference 2017

16 - 18 May 2017

Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre

Incident Response & Remediation: And Avoiding it in the First Place  

Nearly 300 of the UK’s top radiation safety scientists gathered in Aberdeen for SRP's 2017 Annual Conference.

(Please see the bottom of this page for photos from the conference).

The theme of this year's event was Incident Response & Remediation: And Avoiding it in the First Place. Delegates heard presentations ranging from Planning the Un-planned to The Effects of Chronic Sub Lethal Ionizing Radiation on Bumblebees. There was also an SRP debate on how robust the arrangements and communications are for contaminated casualties and how we handle them. Invited speakers gave talks on 'Risk Analysis of Accidental and Unintended Exposures in External Beam Radiotherapy' and 'The Human Experience of a Nuclear Event and Communication of Radiation Risk'.

Report from the Annual Conference can be found here and you can also view the Soft Skills report (this was an optional session).

A large trade exhibition was held alongside the Annual Conference with nearly 40 stands representing suppliers and businesses involved in radiation protection.

Delegates also enjoyed a full social programme which saw the Annual Dinner take place in the well known Beach Ballroom - famous for its sprung dance floor.

Awards presented at SRP's Annual Dinner:

  • Honorary Fellowship awarded to Arwel Barrett, John Broughton and Brian Gornall
  • Founders' Medal - Lindsey Simcox (Aurora HP) for contributions to the Society.

Honorary Fellows and Founders' Medal citations are now available to view here.

  • Bernard Wheatley Award - David Gallacher (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital) for the best paper, review, note or practical matter article published in JRP in 2016. Paper entitled 'Dispersion of positron emitting radioactive gases in a complex urban building array: a comparison of dose modelling approaches'.
  • Young Professionals Award - Alex Nicholson (Dstl) for his paper entitled 'Lock Up Your Daughters: an Alternative Method of Radon Progeny Remediation'.
  • Philip Nicholson Award - Vanessa Cox (Magnox) for best poster presentation entitled 'The practicalities of investigating unexpected tritium releases from legacy waste packages'.
  • RGG Best Presentation Award - Stephanie Bloomer (AREVA RMC) for her presentation entitled 'Qualified Experts – the current landscape'.
  • Best Exhibitor Award - delegates voted for this award and the winner was UniTech.

The Jack Martin Award was presented to Greig McKenzie (Magnox) for best presentation entitled 'The use of divers for Magnox fuel cooling pond decommissioning'.

View the presentations from the day below (this is member access only, you must be logged into MySRP to view the presentations):

Tuesday 16th May

Refresher Courses

Source Security - Tony Peters, Gamma Scientific

Session 1

2017 Dunster Lecture: “What do we know about low-level radiation risks?” - Prof Richard Wakeford

Risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in external beam radiotherapy and latest thinking on how to avoid/deal with radiotherapy/high dose incidents - Ritva Bly, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Finland, President of the Nordic Society for Radiation Protection (NSFS)

Estimation of uncertainties in the unconditional and conditional death probability rates - Michiya Sasaki, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Japan (presentation not allowed to be published).

Wednesday 17th May

Session 2.1

Monitoring for radium contamination – regulator's guidance - Paul Dale, SEPA

The use of divers for Magnox fuel cooling pond decommissioning - Greig McKenzie, Magnox (presentation not allowed to be published)

Mapping Radiation with a Handheld Gamma Imaging Instrument - Neil Owen, CREATEC

Residual contamination: intrusion and preventative actions - Tim Slater, Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd

Blockages in IEX Resin Transfer Lines at Bradwell Site – An Analysis of Interventions - Barnaby Love, Magnox

Carbon Deposition in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors – Challenges in Radiation Protection and Radwaste - Joseph Taylor, EDF Energy(presentation not allowed to be published)


Session 2.2

Young Professionals Award Presentations

RP Optimisation at the click of a mouse! - Patrice Burke, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Establishing Diagnostic Reference Levels and Investigating Optimisation Strategies in Paediatric Imaging - Susie Clarke, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Relative Effectiveness of Lead-Rubber and Lead-Free Protective Aprons in Interventional Fluroscopy - Anthony Higgins, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Monte Carlo Codes in Academia and Industry - Adam Nichols, ONR / University of York

Impact of Low Dose Chronic IR on the Fitness and Life History of Bumblebees as Measured in Laboratory and Field Studies in Chernobyl - Katherine Raines, University of Stirling

IRPCG study into a higher protection factor for full-face respirators - Pete Thompson, Aaron Bebington, AWE (main Wednesday Programme – not YPA)

Radiological Evacuation - Sarah Hunak, Amec Foster Wheeler

Assessing the Hazard from Radioactive Particles in the Environment - Corynne McGuire, University of Stirling / SEPA

Euratom for Non-Nuclear - Lessons from the coalface - Gwen Mott, University College London

Lock Up Your Daughters - An Alternative Method of Radon Progeny Remediation - Alex Nicholson, Dstl

Improving Contamination Control in Change Room Areas - Jess Revill, Rolls-Royce

Qualified Experts - the current landscape - Stephanie Bloomer, AREVA RMC (main Wednesday Programme – not YPA)


Session 3.1

Recent publications regarding the decommissioning and clean-up of nuclear sites - Shelly Mobbs, Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd

Learning from Radiation Dose Errors, Adverse Events & Near Misses in UK Clinical Imaging Departments - Maria Murray, Society of Radiographers

Planning for the Un-planned: Design for an Evacuation Assembly Building - John Bradshaw, AWE

Uncertainties in Consequence Assessments for Radiation Accidents - Graeme Burt, Babcock International

Emergency Workers in the oil and gas industry - Karen Gunn, Aberdeen Radiation Protection Service

ONR experience of Class 7 transport emergency arrangements in the non-nuclear sector - Lindsey Cairns, ONR

Expect the Unexpected: Radiation Protection and Incidents during Decommissioning - John Bradshaw, AWE

Industrial Radiography Incidents – pre-planning, recovery and lessons learnt – An HSE perspective - Stewart Robertson, HSE


Session 3.2

Criticality: Causes, Characteristics, and Coins in Your Pocket - Jonathan Coleman-Zheng, Mirion Technologies

Development of Criticality Response materials to enhance emergency preparedness and response arrangements at Sellafield - Sarah Darwin, Sellafield

Criticality Accident Dosimetry Re-evaluated - David Spencer, Nuvia

Criticality personal dosimetry – why bother? - Pete Burgess, Radiation Metrology

Post-Accident food safety following the radiological release from Fukushima Daiichi Power station following the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011 - Chris Perks, University of Cumbria

UK Radiological Monitoring Capability and its Role in Civil Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response - Helena Charlton, BEIS

Monitoring of people at a Radiation Monitoring Unit following a release of radioactive material - Mike Youngman, PHE


Session 4

Lord Carlile - Notes from presentation

The Human Experience of a Nuclear Event and Communication of Radiation Risk - Tanja Perko, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) (Presentation not available).


Session 5

Overriding the Fear (the downsides of reducing radiation exposure) - Christopher Jones, AWE

An insight into IAEA plans for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response - Hugh Wilkins

A Radiological Dirty Bomb - Fact or Fiction? - Tony Peters, Gamma Scientific

SRP Annual Conference 2017

SRP Annual Conference 2017

Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre


A selection of presentations from SRP's Annual Conference 2017

President's Welcome & Introduction LtoR: Michiya Sasaki (CRIEPI), Ritva Bly (STUK), Prof Richard Wakeford Prof Richard Wakeford Amber Bannon, Environment Agency



Annual Dinner

Arwel Barrett receiving Honorary Fellowship from Amber Bannon (SRP President) John Broughton receiving Honorary Fellowship from Alan Marsh (University of Cumbria) Brian Gornall receiving Honorary Fellowship from Pete Cole, Immediate Past President (University of Liverpool) and Amber Bannon, President (Environment Agency) Lindsey Simcox (Aurora) receiving Founders' Medal from Chris Jones (AWE) David Gallacher (Guy's and St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust) receiving Bernard Wheatley Award from Richard Wakeford (JRP Editor-in-Chief) Alex Nicholson (Dstl) receiving YPA from Pete Cole, Immediate Past President (University of Liverpool)

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