Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum

07 June 2017

The Centre at Birchwood Park, Warrington

Following on from the success of the 2016 IRMF meetings, the 1st 2017 Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, IRMF, was held at the Birchwood Centre, Warrington on the 7th June 2017.

The IRMF is designed to give the Metrology sector the chance to share experiences across varying aspects of radiation measurement and testing.

In this session 51 delegates listened to varying topics which included: -

  • Progress on the Portable Neutron Instrumentation Inter-comparison
  • Overview of the status on a number of Radiation Metrology related National and International Standards
  • Dynamic Testing of Radiation Detection and Monitoring Equipment which has been developed by DSTL in Alverstoke.
  • Methods for activity measurement uncertainty minimisation in Waste Management & Decommissioning
  • The measurement of Carbon-14 and Tritium in Air using novel techniques which includes the use of lasers.
  • Gamma imaging and mapping using portable instrumentation

And finally

  • Raising the question following the call for comments on the new Ionising Radiations Regulations in respect to the continued annual calibration of Radiation Detection and Monitoring Equipment

A number of lively and lengthy debates followed a number of presentations with a number of items generating further questions which a number of delegates have taken away with a view to responding to the group and the next meeting which will be held at the National Physical Laboratory in November.

Presentations are below (you must be logged into MySRP to view):

National and International Standards Update – Steven Judge (NPL)

Inter-comparison – Neutron – Shaun Marriott (BAE Systems)


Measurement of Carbon-14 and Tritium in Air – Steven Bell (NPL)

Comparison between ISO7503 and GPG No.14 – Steven Judge (NPL)

Advanced Methods for Activity Measurement Uncertainty Minimization in Waste Management & Decommissioning – Prof James Cocks (Mirion Technologies)

Irradiator System Health Check – Gary Teague (Gemini Technology)

Mapping Radiation with Portable, Non-specialised Gamma Imaging Instrumentation - Pete Rodgers (Create Technologies)

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum

The Centre at Birchwood Park, Warrington


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