SRP Annual Conference 2018

01 - 03 May 2018

Southport Theatre and Convention Centre

SRP's 2018 Annual Conference took place in Southport and saw over 300 people attend with the biggest trade exhibition to date.  The theme for this year's conference was 'The New Legislative Landscape' with a range of presentations around this theme.  Delegates and exhibitors were able to enjoy social evenings which included the Annual Dinner which took place in the grand Floral Hall at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

Read the report from this Annual Conference - it really gives you a flavour of what was talked about during the conference.

Presentations can be viewed at the bottom of this page (member access only) along with the photos from the conference.

Awards presented at the Annual Dinner:

Honorary Fellowships

Jan Pentreath

Phil Tattersall

Founders' Medal - for contributing the to the Society.

Claire-Louise Chapple

Mike Wood

Citations for the above awards can be found here.

Bernard Wheatley Award
Presented to Jérémi Vu-Bezin and Ibrahima Diallo for the best review published in JRP in 2017. Their review is entitled 'A review of uncertainties in radiotherapy dose reconstruction and their impacts on dose-response relationships', Jérémi V Bezin et al, J. Radiol. Prot. 37 R1 – R18, 2017.


Philip Nicholson Award

Presented to Thomas Peacock (Dstl) for the best poster presentation.


RGG Award
Presented to Thomas Peacock (Dstl) for the best RGG presentation.

Best Exhibitor Award
Presented to Paul Chesters from UniTech.


Tuesday 1st May: Workshops

10:30      RPA/RWA Portfolio Workshop  - Richard Wilkins, Wood

11:30      IRR17 Workshop (including the Graded Approach) - Roger Collison, Babcock International and Chris Perks

Session 1 – Opening Plenary

13:30      President's Welcome & Introduction - Amber Bannon, SRP President, EA

14:00      The 2018 Dunster Lecture - The Evolution of the Recommendations of ICRP since 1928 - Roger Clarke CBE

15:20      Prudence and the Hidden Burden of Conservatism - Roger Coates OBE, IRPA President

15:45      Communicating the Science of Radiation Protection - Jack Valentin

Wednesday 2nd May
Session 2.1

08:40   All Change: GDA, BREXATOM and the Implications for the Nuclear New Build -Nigel Reeves, Wood

09:10   Revisions to REPPIR to Implement Emergency Preparedness Elements of the BSSD - Clare McNicholas, HSE (Presentation not available).

09:40   Just One Click Away – Wikipedia and RP - Doug Sim, Cavendish Nuclear

10:40   Site End State Planning and Regulatory Developments - Adrian Punt, RadEcol Consulting

11:10   Review of the SRP stakeholder engagement of IRR17 - Roger Collison, Babcock International and Chris Perks

Session 2.1

08:40   Developing Out of Scope Limits for Aqueous Effluent Discharges to the Environment - Adrian Punt, RadEcol Consulting

09:10   Managing Low Activity Radioactive Sources - Patrick Nelis, Baker Hughes

09:40   How the New Regulations Affect HASS - Gary Whalley, Babcock International

10:40   Safety, Security and Regulatory Culture in the UK: Are there signs of trouble? Will the new legislation help? - Chris Englefield, Isognos (Presentation not available).

11:10   Introduction to the Radioactive Substances Regulation Aspects - Emily James, BEIS (Presentation not available).

Session 3.1

13:20   Fire in a School Involving Radioactive Materials - Jon Taylor, Aurora and Ralph Whitcher CLEAPSS

13:50   Evaporator D - The billion pound kettle - Joseph Mansfield, Sellafield Ltd

14:20   Source Term Minimisation in Pressurised Water Reactor Design - Vaughan Rees, ONR

15:30   Deployment of an In-Situ Underwater Monitoring System - Jen Barnes, Wood

16:00   CARMA: Continuous Autonomous Radiation Monitoring Assistant: A Robotic Nuclear Surveying Tool - Arron Griffiths, University of Manchester and Xavier Poteau, Sellafield Ltd

Session 3.2

13:20   Challenges to the Linear No-Threshold Model of RP - Michael Lockyer, University College London

13:50   Consequences of a Radioactive Fragment Injury - Thomas Peacock, Dstl

14:20   Impact of ICRP's Internal Dosimetry Updates - Derek Bingham, AWE

15:30   ICRU Operational Quantities: What they are, why they may change and how that will affect you - Adam Dennis, Cavendish Nuclear

16:00   Eye Lens Dose Monitoring in the UK Nuclear Industry Using Active Personal Dosemeters - Andrew McWhan, Cavendish Nuclear

Session 4

09:20   Implementation of the 2013 Basic Safety Standards Directive - A Regulator's Perspective - Ian Streatfield, Environment Agency

09:50   UK Regulator's Influences on International Occupational RP Legislation and Standards - Gareth Thomas, ONR

10:50   The Role of BEIS in the Basic Safety Standards Directive - Jaiyana Bux, BEIS (Presentation not available).

11:20   IRR17 Implementation - Review of Implementation and Lessons to be Learnt - James Taylor, HSE

11:50   IR(ME)R / MPE Changes - Ruby Fong, Barts Health NHS Trust

Session 5

14:20    Impact of IRR17 on the Transport of Radioactive Materials - Lindsey Cairns and Anna Mayor, ONR

14:50   Mountains & Molehills - The Future Landscape of RP in Healthcare - Claire-Louise Chapple, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust and Peter Marsden, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

15:20   From Mining to Mitigation – The Evolution of Radon Controls in UK Workplaces within the Changing Regulatory Landscape - Tracy Gooding, PHE

15:50   SRP Working Group on Brexit and Impact on Euratom - Pete Bryant, SRP

SRP Annual Conference 2018

SRP Annual Conference 2018

Southport Theatre and Convention Centre

Southport Theatre and Convention Centre

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