Actinides Workshop

23 January 2019


This one day workshop took place at The Studio in Birmingham had over 50 people attend along with the exhibitor, Pycko, that was there to talk to the delegates during breaks. 

Actinides are present on almost every nuclear site and can present a significant hazard to persons working with them. As nuclear sites move from operation into decommissioning, there is an increasing risk associated with exposure to actinides due to exposure to areas of the site that were previously inaccessible.

The photos from the day are below the presentations:

What are Actinides and why are they a problem?Kathryn Ambrose, Sellafield Ltd
This session will set out what actinides are, their radiological properties, and how they pose a hazard if exposed to them.

Detection and Quantification of actinides in the workplaceSimon Townsend, AWE
This session will discuss how we can detect actinides in the workplace (instrumentation, monitoring techniques (and difficulties with monitoring) and laboratory techniques).

Internal DosimetryRichard Bull, Nuvia
This session will describe how to set up a suitable internal dosimetry regime when working with actinides (including urine/faecal sampling, whole body monitoring, air sampling and nose blows and the frequency to undertake measurements).

Control of Work with ActinidesHelena Fazackerley, Dounreay
This session will introduce suitable control measures for work with actinides (e.g. containment, ventilation and RPE/PPE)

CountermeasuresJoe Mansfield, Sellafield
This session will describe what to do if something goes wrong i.e. significant body contamination, an intake via inhalation and an intake via a wound.

Experience from outside the Nuclear Sector – Nick Hutchinson, Johnson Matthey
For this session the intention is to find someone who uses actinides on a routine basis (radiopharmical / university etc.) and learn from what they do.  Permission not granted to publish online.

A Regulators Experience and PerspectiveLiz Thomas, ONR
The final session will ask a member of the ONR to give their experience and perspective on management of actinides on nuclear sites.

Actinides Workshop


Actinides Workshop

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