2019 Annual Conference

21 - 23 May 2019

Scarborough Spa

The Annual Conference this year was one of the biggest that we have had to date.  With 340 delegates, speakers and exhibitors at Scarborough Spa, it certainly was very busy.

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Tuesday 21 May - Session 1, Opening Plenary

Forward Through the Rearview Mirror: Reflections on 10 years as ICRP Chair - Claire Cousins (ICRP)

Developments in Radiation Protection in Japan, Post Fukushima - Michiaki Kai, President of the Japanese Health Physics Society (JHPS)

Incorporating Art and the Human Experience in Radiation Protection Communication - Nicole Martinez (Clemson University)

Wednesday 22 May - Session 2.1, RGG Competition

Evaluation of Awareness on Radiation Protection of Radiographer in the Republic of Cyprus - Constantinos Zervides (University of Nicosia Medical School)

IRRS Mission – Who Regulates the Regulators? - Eamonn Guilfoyle (ONR)

Knowledge Exchange for the Radioactivity and the Environment (RATE) Programme - Katherine Raines (NERC)

A Trusted Voice: Providing the Public with Believable Information in an Emergency, Lessons learned from an IAEA symposium - Laura Macintosh (ONR)

Challenges Facing RPA during an Investigation in the Offshore Environment - Mark Pettigrew (Nuvia)

Session 2.2 - Young Professionals Award
Eye dosimetry for staff involved in 177Lu and 131I radionuclide therapy - Susan Clarke (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Scatter fields in modern mammography systems - Anthony Higgins (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)
Mystery at the Dump - Joel Garner (Aurora HP)
Modelling and assessment of offshore oil and gas produced water discharges to the North East Atlantic - Corynne McGuire (SEPA) Presentation not yet provided.
Session 2.2 - From Main Programme

Session 3.1 - Nuclear Session

Let there be Light – Opening up Sellafield's oldest nuclear waste storage facilities - Kevan Lee (Sellafield Ltd) 

Working towards sustainable decommissioning and cleanup of nuclear sites: a personal view - Shelly Mobbs (Eden Nuclear) 

Regulatory Aspects of Bradwell entering long term care and maintenance - Stuart Johnson (ONR)

Slaying the Dragon - Mike Jones (Magnox)

Importance of RPA Input to Engineering Design - John Lampard and Sarah Warner Jones (Cavendish Nuclear)

New Nuclear Build: The Art of Assessing Radiological Consequences - Amjad Khursheed (ONR)

Deriving a Fingerprint – Demystifying the Dark Art - Steph Bloomer (Urenco)

Session 3.2 - Workshop on Communication Radiation Risk

Introduction - Pete Bryant, SRP President

Lessons Learnt from Fukushima - Hiroko Yoshida (IRPA Rep of Communication of Risk) 

From Media Appearances to Engagement and Outreach - Mike Wood (University of Salford) Presentation not yet provided.

Communication via Social Media to Government Local Authorities and the Public -Martyn Butlin (EDF Energy) 

Incoming President's Address - Pete Bryant

Security Monitoring Equipment: An Overview - Pete Burgess (Radiation Metrology)

Curating Radiation - Ele Carpenter (Goldsmiths University of London)

REPPIR 2019 ACoP and Guidance - Gareth Thomas (ONR)

How Scotland Re-shaped Radioactive Substances Legislation - Angela Wright (SEPA)

Safeguards and the UK – towards post-BREXIT regulation for locations not
subject to IAEA safeguards
- Neil Blundell and Marie Whitrow (ONR) 

Session 5 - Regulators Perspective 

The Dark Art of Land Use Planning - Nicola Jaynes (ONR)

Transport of Radioactive Materials - Mike Nettleton (ONR)

The BSS RPO Concept can Address Corporate Management Challenges - Hugh Wilkins

Nuclear decommissioning: the journey to surrender of an environmental permit - Tanya Montgomery, Environment Agency


2019 Annual Conference

2019 Annual Conference

Scarborough Spa

Conference Sessions (Tuesday 21 May)

Annual Dinner - Drinks Reception

Conference Sessions (Wednesday 22 May)

Annual Dinner - Awards


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