Regulation of Medical Radiological Equipment - radiation exposure of patients and individuals

26 February 2019


Report from the event by David Dommett, SRP Medical Committee Chair (Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

With presentations from Holly Warriner (Care Quality Commission), Úna Findlay (PHE) and Karen Fuller (HSE) in the morning the sessions covered the new UK RP regulations. Thankfully each speaker gave time for questions as they certainly came thick and fast but delegates appreciated the opportunity and the relaxed atmosphere to do so.  Following on from a similar meeting in 2014, this event (organised by SRP's Medical Committee) aimed to explain the new regulatory responsibilities since the recent introduction of new UK radiation protection regulations.  Chaired by Ian Chell (Medical Locations) and then David Dommett (Committee Chair), we welcomed over 60 attendees.

The afternoon started with David Grainger (MHRA) covering how the MHRA would work with the IRMER enforcement authorities and continued with Dr Elly Castellano (Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust) on the role and views of the Medical Physics Expert.

Then Daniel Gebrentensae (Siemens Healthineers) and Nathan Smith (Philips Healthcare) covered the suppliers’ perspective with respect to servicing and equipment handover.

It was interesting to hear the differing views from those coming in to service machines to those handing them over, and we were very grateful for Daniel and Nathan for braving the ensuing questions.

The meeting concluded with an expert panel: Ian Chell, Ruby Fong (Barts Health NHS Trust), Maria Murray (The Society and College of Radiographers) and Andy Rogers (Nottingham University Hospitals), who answered questions, including several pre-submitted ones about the SRP/AxREM handover form.  Obviously a lot of work and collaboration has gone into the form and therefore it was interesting to hear that users would still appreciate some amendments – something we have taken on board and hope to resolve soon (further views on this very welcome).

What came across from many questions was the concern people have over the impact of the legislative changes but it was interesting that the answers not only allayed those concerns but also left many people thinking it was an improvement.

The sessions from the regulators and manufacturers certainly achieved a meeting aim of providing an alternate view to perhaps those working in the health sector and the list of questions and answers are too extensive to cover here so expect a separate document soon.

Overall the meeting was very positive and we hope that people will continue to use the SRP and AxREM form for the time being while we re-check the form and review the associated guidance.

You can find the presentations (you must be a member of SRP and logged into MySRP) and photos from the day below.  If you are not a member and attended the day and would like access to the presentations, please email

Regulation of Medical Radiological Equipment - radiation exposure of patients and individuals


Regulation of Medical Radiological Equipment - radiation exposure of patients and individuals

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