IRR17 Consents Workshop: The New System

16 February 2023

The Studio, Birmingham

The workshop had a staggering 180 people attend, including speakers, from the majority of the ionising radiation work sectors.  Thank you to Gareth Thomas and Andrew Davies (ONR), and James Taylor and Stewart Robertson (HSE) for presenting the latest information on the reasons for the changes and mechanics of applying for consents.  We would also like to thank Ian Pearman (Nuvia) for a thought-provoking presentation on radiation risk assessments.

It was good to hear that ONR and HSE have liaised with each other extensively and are adopting the same requirements for consents.  The only differences are in the timeframes and the method of applying.  ONR's system will go live in April and will be initiated via their WIReD (Well Informed Regulatory Decisions) portal which nuclear duty holders have access to.  HSE's system will go live in October via a new online platform. 

There were plenty of discussions following the presentations and in the breakout session on how to implement the new consents process and what level of information is required for the on-line applications.  HSE and ONR appreciated the many varied discussions, ideas and questions voiced during the day and will be considering these as they finish preparing the system and guidance. 

Thanks to everyone who took part for making the event a success.  The photos and presentations (member access only) can be found below.

For non-members that attended IRR17 and would like access to the below presentations, please email

Changes to the consents process - Stewart Robertson (HSE) & Gareth Thomas (ONR)
HSE web based consents application - James Taylor (HSE)
ONR Consents Application Process - Andrew Davies (ONR) (Haven't been granted permission to share)
Are Radiation Risk Assesments Sufficient - Ian Pearman (Nuvia)

HSE Consent Handout


Safety Assessments:

Accelerator Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Accelerator Safety Assessment New Consent 

Addition Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Addition Safety Assessment New Consent 

Admin Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Admin Safety Assessment New Consent 

Discharge Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Discharge Safety Assessment New Consent 

HASS Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

HASS Safety Assessment New Consent 

Ind Rad Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Ind Rad Safety Assessment New Consent 

Irradiation Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Irradiation Safety Assessment New Consent 

Long Term Safety Assessment Continuing Consent 

Long Term Safety Assessment New Consent 

Required Information Common to All

IRR17 Consents Workshop: The New System

The Studio, Birmingham


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