Out with the Old, In with the New & Radioactive Source Security Course

16 - 17 November 2022

The 'Out with the Old, in with the New' Scottish event had just over 80 people that attended the event and the Radioactive Source Security Course had a great attendance of over 60 people.  A big thank you to the three exhibitors, Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services LtdPhoenix Dosimetry Ltd and Pycko.  Presentations for the Scottish event are at the bottom of this page; due to the nature of the Radioactive Source Security Course, the presentations are not allowed to be published.  Photos can be viewed below the presentations.

The Scottish Committee held its first one-day scientific meeting since 2019 in Glasgow.  The topic of the event was ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ and featured interesting and informative presentations that included the biggest collection of lead aprons ever seen at the Louisa Jordan field hospital, a cyclotron flying through the air, futuristic technology used in decommissioning and the lifetime stages of Santa Claus; and that was only the morning sessions.  After lunch we learnt about setting the basis for clearance, the challenges of tritium in fusion and the HSE’s new consent system.  Scottish Committee Secretary, Angela Wright, said; "After missing our live events for the last couple of years, it was really good to have the opportunity to meet up with people again."

The Source Security and Emergency Planning Committee held the latest in its extremely popular Radioactive Source Security Course in Glasgow.  The course covered the current threat to the UK generally and specifically to radioactive sources, demonstrating why they must be protected, how they are protected by appropriate security measures through the National Counter Terrorism Security Office Security Requirements for Radioactive Sources document and the regulation of radioactive source security in the UK. To provide a holistic overview, an input was given by ONR which looked at ensuring radioactive source security is maintained during transport.  Extremely honest practical examples of how industry speakers had dealt with the practical implementation of the Security Requirements and dealing with Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in so doing were given.  The industry speakers were also able to give examples of how things can go wrong, how these can be rectified and recurrence prevented.  The course was rounded off with a look to the future and how robots have been used to load and retrieve radioactive sources.  Graeme Morrice, Chair of the Source Security and Emergency Planning Committee, said; “Security is an extremely important aspect of radiation protection, in which we all have a part to play”.

Scottish Event Presentations

Setting up the Louisa Jordan hospital from an RPA perspective, Anne McCurrach, NHS Scotland

The trials of replacing a 22-year-old medical cyclotron, Rebecca Duguid, NHS Scotland

Dose saving technological innovation at Sellafield legacy ponds - Greig McKenzie, Atkins

End of Generation - Respect the past, Embrace the future! - Gordon McLuckie, EDF Energy

Clearance of radioactive material Maureen McQueen, Babcock International Group (Do not have permission to publish this presentation)

The challenges of radiation protection for fusion - Jen Angus, UKAEA

Introduction to the new consent application process and inspection update - Stewart Robertson, HSE

Out with RSA, in with EASR’ - the effect on decommissioning and surrender - Angela Wright, SEPA

Out with the Old, In with the New & Radioactive Source Security Course

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Scottish Event

Radioactive Source Security Course

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