SRP Christmas Advent Calendar

News Story from 2nd Dec 2020

SRP Christmas Advent Calendar

Yesterday we launched a Christmas Advent Calendar with the help of our Affiliated Organisation (AOrg) members.  We have all had to learn to adapt and work in different ways and with face-to-face events and conferences not taking place since March, we thought that this would be a great way to meet our AOrg members in the countdown to Christmas.  You'll need to find today's date on the calendar in order to reveal an AOrg video or photo.  Some dates are easier to find than others so make sure you take a good look. 

Each morning we'll be reminding those that follow us on social media about the calendar and then revealing the AOrg of that day later on in the afternoon (you'll still need to search for the number on the calendar though!).  Yesterday saw Innovative Physics' Christmas video and you'll need to search for today's date in order to reveal today's video.

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