SRP's 2021 Annual Conference goes Hybrid!

News Story from 3rd Jun 2021

SRP's 2021 Annual Conference goes Hybrid!

We're delighted to let you know that SRP has decided to live stream half of the Annual Conference this year for delegates that are unable to travel to the venue.

All sessions taking place in the Tregonwell Hall will be live streamed online; sessions 1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5 and 6.  This will be the first time that we will be undertaking this task and we're hoping that it will run as smoothly possible - much like our webinars (photo on left).

There is a special online rate of £100 plus VAT for SRP members to attend and £180 plus VAT for non-members to attend.  You can book your online place here.

Of course we do encourage you to attend the conference physically.  Below you can find some of our Council members and why they're are attending the conference in person.

Phil Ahmet: I applied for SRP Council just before the first lockdown and thus all my Council meetings have been virtual. I have been lucky to both keep my job and health during the pandemic; keeping healthy has been partly due to only going out for essential food shopping. Thus, whilst I welcome the chance to attend the SRP Annual Conference, I am fully aware that the virus has not ‘gone away’ and even when vaccinated I could still catch it and pass it on. However, I will be attending the conference as I have faith in my fellow attendees following any guidelines on social distancing, face coverings and the like, and I believe it is important to re-connect with the RP community. I look forward to seeing people in full-technicolour 3D life-size reality without broadband issues, dodgy IT and the indomitable Swan (mute) button! 

Jennifer Humphries (Sellafield): I will be attending the SRP Annual Conference in person as so many aspects of the conference could be lost when attending virtually. I am looking forward to seeing people who I haven’t see in person in over a year, including some from my own company!
I have a ticket for the RGG dinner to meet some of the RGG conference attendees. Most of them are new to SRP and don’t necessarily realise RGG can be a springboard into some of the SRP committees/working groups or even SRP Council.
Something new at the SRP Conference is the SRP 5K – I am supporting those running the distance and ensuring this is done safely, by volunteering as a marshal.
Finally, I am so excited to be able to attend the SRP Annual Dinner and the Awards Presentation. It is the pinnacle of the SRP year for me, and an excuse to put the glad rags on and celebrate the SRP successes of the year (or two in this case) and give recognition to those who have chosen to give their time to support SRP.

Chris Perks: Having been Science and Technology Director since, just about, the beginning of the first lockdown I am really looking forward to attending the SRP Annual Conference and to meeting members face-to-face this year.  Like many others, I have not seen a single member of the Society face-to-face for well over a year now and, while regular Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars have been very effective, there is nothing like chatting to members without the constraints of technology, but perhaps with a drink in hand!  I hope as many members as feel comfortable with the COVID secure arrangements, and as employers allow, will attend in person, and, if not, then via the virtual platform.


Sarah Hunak: I remember realising that the pandemic was going to be a bit more serious than two weeks working from home, when Eastenders, Eurovision and the SRP Annual Conference were all cancelled.

Since then, SRP has gone a long way to help keep members connected. As the chair of the newly formed Webinar Working Group, I’m proud to say that we’ve managed to deliver a fantastic programme of webinars (14 so far and counting!), plus two virtual conferences.

But now, as we look to be heading back to a little bit more normality (Eastenders and Eurovision are back on!), I hope members will feel as comfortable (and excited) as I do to attend the conference in person, with all the appropriate precautionary measures in place. 


Gary Teague, Affiliated Organisation Representative (Gemini Technology): Knowing the benefit my company has gained from the SRP events, especially the Annual Conference over the last six years, the Covid-19 Pandemic and resulting lockdown measures have greatly reduced my opportunities to meet with customers and fellow suppliers over the last 18 months.

I have the added frustration of being appointed AOrg Representative but not having the opportunity to represent you all face to face. I'm a people person and for one, can't wait to return to some form of normal and see as many of you as possible face to face at the Annual Conference. I have also made new friends within the SRP team at many TEAMS meetings, that I cannot wait to share a drink with at the Annual Dinner.

Although I'm not at all competitive, I'm also really looking forward to the first SRP 5K! It should be a great laugh and a perfect opening to the conference.

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