Past President Presents at 6th ICRP Symposium

News Story from 16th Nov 2022

Past President Presents at 6th ICRP Symposium

Last week the 6th ICRP Symposium took place in Vancouver. The theme of the symposium was “Radiological Protection - The Next Generation” focusing on the review of the System of Radiological Protection to produce the next set of fundamental recommendations that will guide legislation, practice, and policy around the globe, which will take place over the next decade. In addition to the symposium the event allowed the various ICRP Committees and Task Groups to come together and focus on the next steps in their work.  The symposium was well attended by a number of SRP members with over 20 attendees from the UK. 

Immediate Past President, Dr Pete Bryant, spoke at the conference on behalf of SRP, providing feedback from the work of SRPs Working Group on the ICRP Recommendations.  Commenting on the symposium he said;  “It was a great honour to present the views of SRP at such an event.  There were a number of core themes that emerged from the talks and associated discussions. These themes strongly align with the focus that both myself and Jim Thurston outlined for SRP, namely around sustainability in terms of integration of the principle into the System of Protection and ensuring the sustainability of the profession.  Synergy, namely the need for Science and the Application to work together in developing the recommendations, and Communication, in terms of communicating the system of protection and to the public and other exposed parties on radiation risk.  It's important that SRP and its members continue to engage with the ICRP review, and I would encourage you to send your views to the SRP Working Group".



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