Lesson Plans and Posters

Below you can find all our Lesson Plans and Posters for free download and use. Please also take a look at our Basics of Radiation leaflet here.

Lesson Plans

SRP has developed lesson plans for use in schools and colleges.  The content is matched to curriculum topics in pre-GCSE science.

Lesson Plan 1 - Basic Principles of Radiation Protection - for external sources
Lesson Plan 2 - Basic Interactions of Ionising Radiation with Matter
Lesson Plan 3 - Everyday Items
Lesson Plan 4 - Demonstration of Half-Life
Lesson Plan 5 - Fission Chips
Lesson Plan 6 - Contamination


The following posters supplement the lesson plans and are used at our shows and events.  Each poster is available as a free download.  The answers to the Poster Quiz can also be found in the posters.  More posters will be made available shortly.

Basic Posters Basics 1 - Radioactive Emissions
Basics 2 - Neutron Production, Fission & Activation
Basics 3 - Another Radioactive Emission: Positron Annihilation Radiation
Basics 4 - X-Ray Production
Basics 5 - Radioactivity Units & Half-Life
Basics 6 - Time, Distance and Shielding
Basics 7 - Radiation Uses: Electromagnetic Spectrum
Basics 8 - Radiation Dose Units
Basics 9 - Average Annual Doses to the UK Population
Basics 10 - Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation

Historical InterestHistorical Interest 1 - Atomic Branding: Radium
Historical Interest 2 - Atomic Branding: X-Ray

Medical UsesMedical Uses 1 - Nuclear Medicine Careers
Medical Uses 2 - Nuclear Medicine
Medical Uses 3 - Conventional Medical Radiography
Medical Uses 4 - Computerised Tomography
Medical Uses 5 - Medical Image Intensifiers
Medical Uses 6 - Dental Radiography
Medical Uses 7 - Teletherapy

Non Nuclear UsesNon Nuclear Uses 1 - Level Gauges
Non Nuclear Uses 2 - Thickness Gauges
Non Nuclear Uses 3 - Moisture & Density Gauges
Non Nuclear Uses 4 - Industrial Radiography
Non Nuclear Uses 5 - Baggage Inspection and Security Use
Non Nuclear Uses 6 - X-Rays Used for Analysis
Non Nuclear Uses 7 - Radioactive Laboratory Tracers

Natural Occuring Radioactive Materials (NORM)NORM 1 - Radiation Exposures: Radon
NORM 2 - Oil and Gas Industry

Nuclear PowerNuclear Power 1 - Nuclear Power Production
Nuclear Power 3 - The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Radiation Risks in Everyday LifeRisks in Perspective 1 - Risks to die for
Risks in Perspective 2 - Risks of life


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