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IRPA is the International Radiation Protection Association.  It is recognised by its members, stakeholders and the public as the international voice of the radiation protection profession in the enhancement of radiation protection culture and practice worldwide.  Membership of IRPA is via national and regional Associate Societies of which there are currently 52 representing 66 countries.  The UK Associate Society is The Society for Radiological Protection and SRP members are kept regularly updated on the wide range of IRPA activities.  A summary leaflet is available here.  SRP's Committee for Liaison with IRPA and Partner Societies (CLIPS) has responsibility for liaison with IRPA and various documents are available on the CLIPS page in MySRP (members only).

International Standards

ICRP is the International Commission on  Radiological Protection.  It is an independent, international organisation established in 1928, now with more than 200 volunteer members from approximately 30 countries across 6 continents. These members represent the leading scientists and policy makers in the field.  ICRP has developed, maintained and elaborated the International System of Radiological Protection used worldwide as the common basis for standards, legislation, guidelines, programmes and practice. The organisation has launched ICRPaedia, a new online tool to help readers of all levels better understand their work.  Annals of the ICRP is ICRP's authoritative source of recommendations and guidance.  All issues other than the most recent two years are freely available.

Other relevant international organisations are:
Overseas Events
11-15 May 2020: IRPA15 International Congress Korea
Importand Dates: Abstracts invited by 30 Sept 2019 (oral presentations); 31 December 2019 (posters); early bird registration: 31 January 2020

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