Past Conferences


Radioactive Source Security Course, Glasgow, 17 November

'Out with the Old, in with the New' Scottish Event, Glasgow, 16 November

Radiation Issues Associated with Manned Space Flight, webinar 21 October

South West Conference: 'Radiation Protection in 2022', Somerset, 12 & 13 October

An Introduction to Radiation Shielding, webinar 22 September

Comparing Approaches to Public Protection - Radiation Incidents and the COVID-19 Response, webinar 8 July

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, 6 July

SRP's 2022 Annual Conference, Llandudno, 14 - 16 June

A Beginner's Guide to Criticality webinar, 5 May 

The Future and Challenges of Fusion, Culham, 6 April

Warning Signs and Lights in Veterinary Practice webinar, 3 March

Submarine Decommissioning webinar, 3 February


Safeguards reporting under the Nuclear Safeguards (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 webinar, 9 December             

Radioactive Source Security Course, 25 November, Leeds

Introduction to Nuclear Reactors webinar, 11 November

Veterinary compliance issues with IRR and EPR webinar, 4 November

Safety Culture webinar, 29 September

Misinformation and what to do about it webinar, 23 September

SRP's 2021 Annual Conference, Bournemouth, 5 - 8 July

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, online event, 9 June

Putting together your first portfolio, online event, 7 - 10 June

Sealed Source Management and Security webinar, 3 June

Introduction to RGG, online event, 11 May

Meet The SRP Committees, online event, 7 May 

Radiological Risk Assessment webinar, 22 April

Measuring the Invisible - Activity Assessment of Radioactive Waste webinar, 1 April

Review of Radioactive Liquids webinar, 25 March

Introduction to Clearance webinar, 11 March 

Introduction to Proton Beam Therapy Facility Design webinar, 12 February 

Introduction to IR(ME)R webinar, 4 February

Introduction to NORM webinar, 21 January


Recovery and Remediation following a nuclear/radiological emergency workshop online event, 11 November

Radioactive Decay Calculations webinar, 9 October

South West Virtual Conference online event, 7 & 8 October

How to Read Legislation webinar, 11 September

Introduction to Gamma Spectroscopy webinar, 24 July

Introduction to Decommissioning a Non-nuclear Facility webinar, 2 July

An Introduction to Liquid Scintillation Counting Webinar, 19 June

IRMF online event, 17 June

An introduction to Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) Safety Management webinar, 15 May

Internal Dosimetry - A Beginner's Guide webinar, 7 May


Radiation in Everyday Life, 3 & 4 December, Glasgow

South West Conference (Know Disaster, No Disaster), 16 & 17 October, Somerset

UK Radon Symposium, 20 June, Birmingham

Class 7 Transport for the Small User: Hospitals & Universities, 19 June, Birmingham

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, 12 June, Warrington

SRP Annual Conference, 21 - 23 May, Scarborough

Regulation of Medical Radiological Equipment - radiation exposure of patients and individuals, 26 February, London

Actinides Workshop, 23 January, Birmingham


Monitoring in a Radiological Emergency, 28 November, London

Shielding Awareness Course, 9 & 10 October, Warrington

South West Conference (Building on Success & Learning from Experience), 3 & 4 October, Somerset

Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations (EASR) 2018, 30 August, Glasgow

Non-Nuclear Source Security Course, 29 August, Glasgow

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, 20 June, Warrington

Putting Together Your First RPA/RWA Portfolio, 12 - 13 June, Birmingham

SRP Annual Conference, 1 - 3 May, Southport

Decommissioning - Lessons Learned, 7 February, Edinburgh


Laboratory Design - Who thought that was a good idea?!, 7th November, London

South West Conference and Source Security Course, 4 & 5 October, Somerset

Practical ALARP, 29 June, Birmingham

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, 7 June, Warrington

SRP Annual Conference, 16 - 18 May, Aberdeen

Shielding Awareness Course, 1 - 2 March, Warrington

Implementation of BSS: Ionising Radiations Regulations (IRR) and Other Regulations, 19 January (London), 26th January (Manchester) and 9th February (Glasgow)


Implementation of BSS to Radioactive Substances Regulations, 8 December

Radioactivity in the Scottish Environment, 1 December

Implementation of BSS in the Medical Sector, London, 22 November

South West Regional Conference, Ilminster, 12 - 13 October

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations, Birmingham, 7 July

RPA 2000: Putting together your first RPA portfolio, Birmingham, 16 June

IRMF Event, Warrington, 26 May

SRP Annual Conference, Llandudno, 26 - 28 April 

Source Security Course, Durham, 2 March


Portable Gamma Spectrometry for Radioactive Waste Characterisation and as a Health Physics Tool, Harwell, Didcot, 18 November

Hazard and Risk Assessments: Minimisation of Risk (ALARP), Somerset, 14 - 15 October

Emergency Preparedness and Response, London, 18 June

SRP Annual Conference, Eastbourne, 19 - 21 May

Environmental Monitoring Course, University of Stirling, 21 April

Source Security Course, Birmingham, 4 February


South West Even, Illminster, 15 - 16 October

Radioactive Waste Advisers Workshop, London, 30 September

Source Security Course, London, 17 September

UK Workshop on the Ethical Dimensions of the Radiological Protection System, London, 11 June

Annual Conference 2014 - Radiological Protection GOALS (Guidance, Operational Experience, ALARP, Legislation Sustainability), Southport, 29 April - 1 May

Radioactive Source Security Training Course,  Aberdeen, 19 March

19th March 2014Thistle Caledonian Hotel

Radioactive Source Security Training Course

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Radioactive Waste Transport & Management, Aberdeen, 18 March

Putting together your first RPA 2000 Portfolio, London, 5 February

Medical Radiation Equipment – Promoting Mutual Understanding and Co-operation, London, 4 February


South West Event  -  Practical Radiation Protection,  Illminster, 17 October

50th Annual Conference, Harrogate, 21-23 May




Medical Radiation Equipment – Promoting Mutual Understanding and Co-operation - See more at:

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