Past Conferences


Radiation in Everyday Life: 3 & 4 December, Glasgow

South West Conference (Know Disaster, No Disaster): 16 & 17 October, Somerset

UK Radon Symposium: 20 June, Birmingham

Class 7 Transport for the Small User: Hospitals & Universities: 19 June, Birmingham

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum: 12 June, Warrington

SRP Annual Conference: 21 - 23 May, Scarborough

Regulation of Medical Radiological Equipment - radiation exposure of patients and individuals: 26 February, London

Actinides Workshop: 23 January, Birmingham


Monitoring in a Radiological Emergency: 28 November, London

Shielding Awareness Course: 9 & 10 October, Warrington

South West Conference (Building on Success & Learning from Experience): 3 & 4 October, Somerset

Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations (EASR) 2018: 30 August, Glasgow

Non-Nuclear Source Security Course: 29 August, Glasgow

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum: 20 June, Warrington

Putting Together Your First RPA/RWA Portfolio: 12 - 13 June, Birmingham

SRP Annual Conference: 1 - 3 May, Southport

Decommissioning - Lessons Learned: 7th February, Edinburgh


Laboratory Design - Who thought that was a good idea?!: 7th November, London

South West Conference and Source Security Course: 4 & 5 October, Somerset

Practical ALARP: 29 June, Birmingham

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum: 7 June, Warrington

SRP Annual Conference: 16 - 18 May, Aberdeen

Shielding Awareness Course: 1 - 2 March, Warrington

Implementation of BSS: Ionising Radiations Regulations (IRR) and Other Regulations: 19th January (London), 26th January (Manchester) and 9th February (Glasgow)


Implementation of BSS to Radioactive Substances Regulations: 8th December

Radioactivity in the Scottish Environment: 1st December

Implementation of BSS in the Medical Sector: London, 22nd November

South West Regional Conference: Ilminster, 12th - 13th October

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations: Birmingham, 7th July

RPA 2000: Putting together your first RPA portfolio: Birmingham, 16th June

IRMF Event : Warrington, 26th May

SRP Annual Conference: Llandudno, 26th - 28th April 

Source Security Course: Durham, 2nd March


Portable Gamma Spectrometry for Radioactive Waste Characterisation and as a Health Physics Tool: Harwell, Didcot, 18th November

Hazard and Risk Assessments: Minimisation of Risk (ALARP): Somerset, 14th - 15th October

Emergency Preparedness and Response: London, 18th June

SRP Annual Conference : Eastbourne, 19th - 21st May

Environmental Monitoring Course: University of Stirling, 21st April

Source Security Course: Birmingham, 4th February


South West Event: Illminster, 15th - 16th October

Radioactive Waste Advisers Workshop: London, 30th September

Source Security Course: London, 17th September

UK Workshop on the Ethical Dimensions of the Radiological Protection System: London, 11th June

Annual Conference 2014 - Radiological Protection GOALS (Guidance, Operational Experience, ALARP, Legislation Sustainability): Southport, 29th April - 1st May

Radioactive Source Security Training Course:  Aberdeen, 19th March

19th March 2014Thistle Caledonian Hotel

Radioactive Source Security Training Course

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Radioactive Waste Transport & Management: Aberdeen, 18th March

Putting together your first RPA 2000 Portfolio : London, 5th February

Medical Radiation Equipment – Promoting Mutual Understanding and Co-operation: London, 4th February


South West Event  -  Practical Radiation Protection:  Illminster, 17th October

50th Annual Conference: Harrogate, 21-23 May




Medical Radiation Equipment – Promoting Mutual Understanding and Co-operation - See more at:

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