Gemini Technology : "Flexibility is our strength"
Member Since: 2016
Interview Date: July 2020
What is your name and role?

Gary Teague, owner and Director of Gemini Technology Ltd.

What does the organisation do?

Design and manufacture of health physics, dosimetry and radiochemistry equipment.

Where are you based?


Gemini's head-quarters.
How many people work at Gemini?


When was the organisation started?

May 1994. I joined in 1998 as a young Mechanical Design Engineer.

What was the first product the company sold?

A multi-ring collimator for irradiators. Gemini was born out of J&P (Pinks) which was already making radiation protection equipment.

What is the latest product?

An X-Ray Irradiator system.

Tell us about that

The design of this X-Ray Irradiator removes the requirement for CsCl (high activity Cs-137), with the added benefit of easy to use software that automatically controls the current to suit the instrument under test.

The new X-Ray Calibration System ready for factory testing.
Do you have a mission statement?

Yes, it's "Flexibility is our strength".

Describe Gemini in three points.
  1. Flexibility to our customers’ needs.
  2. High quality equipment at affordable prices.
  3. High quality after-sales service for the lifetime of the machinery.
What has been the most memorable SRP conference you have attended and why?

It would have to be Eastbourne in 2015 – we all had such a laugh that year. The 2017 shielding course was also very memorable, with a great atmosphere.

Gary (left) and the other speakers at the IRMF event in Warrington in 2016.
What's your most popular giveaway at conferences?!

This must be our heatproof coffee flask; they disappear so quickly!

What do you enjoy most about attending SRP conferences?

Seeing the people and meeting old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. I especially enjoy the annual dinners.

Who are we likely to meet on your stand?

Myself and fellow directors Tony Bates (founder) and Matt Bates, who is Tony's son.

Gary, Tony and Matt.
Do you have any interesting stories from conferences?

I was told by several senior members that I should get free entry to annual dinners for my dancing...and I once threw a naan bread at a popular AOrg member during a boozy night, after he insulted my choice of clothes.

Do you have any tales to tell from team-building?

I took the team go-karting in December, as a fun alternative to a Christmas meal.  We had a few drop out last minute, so we drafted in a few friends of the team. These two ringers finished first and second, I later found out they used to go every week!

Why is Gemini an Affiliated Organisation?

It's nice to be part of something and SRP is well-respected in our industry.

How has COVID-19 affected Gemini?

We have been very fortunate to not be hugely affected, other than business being quieter and meetings taking place on Zoom and Teams, rather than face to face. We have had to furlough two office staff and maintain social distancing in the factory.

New CNC Milling machines being installed in 2019.
Does Gemini support a particular charity?

BBS UK. My daughter has a rare genetic condition, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, and this charity provides vital support in caring for patients and finding a cure.

What question haven't we asked you, that we should have done?

Which one benefit would improve your experience as an AOrg?

And what's the answer to that question?

An opportunity to present at the Annual Conference.

Finally, what's the best thing about your organisation?

Every member of staff is a team player and is happy to take on several roles to support the company.


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