UK Radon Association : "Helping to improve understanding of radon and reduce the risk of exposure in UK homes and workplaces."
Member Since: 2018
Interview Date: October 2020
What is your name and role?

Lynn Cooper, UKRA Board Member and former Chair.

What does the organisation do?

The UK Radon Association is a professional body representing professionals involved in radon testing,  remediation and protection across the UK. UKRA works to raise awareness of radon and provide easy-to-understand information on the subject.

How many people work in the organisation?

We are a not-for-profit organisation supported entirely by volunteer directors and their employers.

Where are you based?

Our registered office is in Cheshire, but our directors and members are based all over the UK, and even Europe.

When was the organisation started?

UKRA came into being in October 2013 with five founder member companies, who each saw the need for an active trade association for the industry.

What was the first product or service of the organisation?

We don’t sell products, although our members offer a variety of radon-related products and services.  We have organised a number of UK Radon Symposiums which bring together experts in the field from across the UK, Europe and North America to share information and experience.

Lynn welcoming delegates to a UKRA symposium.
What is the Association working on at the moment?

Unfortunately the current pandemic has delayed plans for the next Symposium, but we are organising a series of free webinars for the upcoming Radon Awareness week.

Tell us about that
Radon Awareness Week is running from 2-8 November 2020 and to mark this, the UK Radon Association is hosting a series of short (30 minute) webinars. These are all free to attend and will include a live question and answer section. This is the sixth annual Radon Awareness week that the Association has organised.
How else has the pandemic affected the work of UK Radon Association?

We have had to arrange virtual board meetings and adjust the focus for Radon Awareness Week, as well as moving to webinars as the mode of delivery.

What do you enjoy most about attending SRP conferences?

Whilst the SRP conferences are great for continuing professional development, I do (did) enjoy the networking opportunities and the chance to catch up with old friends.

What has been the most memorable SRP event you have attended and why?

Last year’s UK Radon Symposium was organised jointly between UKRA and SRP, and is therefore the most memorable for me as I was so involved in the programme from both sides.  It was a very successful event and we are very grateful to Charlene and SRP for all their support in the organisation of it.

The delegates at the jointly hosted 2019 UK Radon Symposium, held in Birmingham.
What's your most popular giveaway at conferences?!

The only thing we have to give away at conferences is advice – and our membership application form!

Who might we meet on your stand?

You might meet any of our directors, some of whom are RPAs, while others work in radon testing, mitigation and prevention.

Why are you an Affiliated Organisation?

We believe our purpose and values align well with SRP’s.

Describe your organisation in three adjectives

Professional, informed, pro-active.

Do you support a particular charity?

We have supported US-based charity Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) with their campaigns, such as the Radon Tee World Trek that saw a t-shirt with the slogan Reduce Radon being photographed on its travels around the world.  The aim was to spread awareness and encourage local action.

Sir Henry Morton Stanley sporting the Radon Tee in Denbigh.
Do you have any interesting stories?

Our 2019 Radon Awareness Week campaign was fronted by TV and radio property expert Martin Roberts (of Homes Under The Hammer fame). We secured a slot on BBC Radio 2 for Martin to discuss radon with Jeremy Vine and, as a result, there was such a surge in traffic to Public Health England’s radon site of people checking the map, that the website crashed.

What's the best thing about your organisation?

All our directors and members are passionate about the industry and our ultimate goal of reducing the number of avoidable lung cancer cases in the UK each year.

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