Phoenix Dosimetry Limited : "Our mission is to service and look after our customers to the best of our ability."
Member Since: 2015
Interview Date: December 2020
What is your name and role?

Mike Sweeney – I'm the director responsible for the sales and commercial aspects of the business.

How many people work in the organisation?

Eight – seven are full-time, and one is part-time.

Where are you based?

In Sandhurst. Conveniently located, off Junction 4 of the M3.

Mike outside Phoenix Dosimetry's office.
What does Phoenix Dosimetry do?

Manufacture, sell and support products and accessories relating to radiation detection and measurement.

When was the organisation started?

9 May 2013.

What was the first product the company sold?

A thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) reader for personal dosimetry.

Alan working in the TLD lab.
Tell us about your latest product.

That would be the new TruDose EPD (electronic personal dosimeter). The TruDose replaces the older EPD-MK2 units and has a number of improvements.  It can detect 1micro Sievert per hour whereas the MK2 could detect 10.  It also has an improved response and user interface, Bluetooth connectivity and some very nice software for simple issue/return and personal dose data management.

The TruDose EPD.
Do you have a mission statement

'To service and look after our customers to the best of our ability'.

What do you enjoy most about attending SRP conferences?

The engagement and networking with both customers and fellow suppliers.

What has been the most memorable SRP conference you have attended and why?

Eastbourne – the Thai restaurant there was amazing and the atmosphere at the exhibition was so positive.

What's your most popular giveaway at conferences?!

Mugs and pens.

Who might we meet on your stand?

Myself, Nick Harvey or Alan Balharrie.

Mike, Nick and Alan. Nick is Director of Service and Alan is Service Engineer.
Do you have any interesting work stories?

I've visited several scrapyards over the years and been surprised at how many stray sources pass through these places from radium in ships compasses to uranium among others. I do think there should be much more environmental monitoring across the business sector and more widely in the UK.

Do you support a particular charity?

We support Cancer Research UK.

Describe your organisation in three adjectives

Friendly, professional, approachable.

How has Covid-19 affected the way you do business?

My car is doing much less mileage and we have all had to adapt to using Teams and Zoom. Covid-19 has had a slightly negative effect on sales, but we are doing well given the situation. We are very grateful to be working in a relatively unaffected sector –  unlike the many who are having a terrible time.

Mike in the conference room - Phoenix Dosimetry has been offering online demonstrations during the pandemic.
Do you have any funny or embarrassing work stories?

One of my colleagues turned up at an exhibition a few years ago having driven a few hundred miles. He had left very early and, being a responsible and diligent husband, had got changed in the dark; when he arrived at the exhibition he had one black shoe on and one brown...

Why are you an Affiliated Organisation?
This is because it enables us to benefit from improved communications with the large customer base which SRP provides.
What question haven't we asked you, that we should have done?

Do you think business life after Covid will revert to being the same as pre-Covid?

So, do you think life after Covid will revert to being the same as pre-Covid?
No – I think there will be fewer face to face meetings and exhibitions and less travel overall. A new way of doing business is slowly developing which will be less harmful to the environment, but also less personalised and maybe not as much fun.
What's the best thing about your organisation?

The team work and comradery.


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