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Steph Bloomer

Steph Bloomer

Name: Dr Stephanie Bloomer

Role: Radiological Consultant

Company: Amec

Career Summary:

Stephanie has a background in Physics having an MPhys from The University of Hull and a  PhD for her thesis modelling gamma dose rates and mobile detection units in urban environments.

Stephanie started at Amec in August 2008. During her time at AMEC Stephanie has been involved in a wide range of projects and tasks:

• Waste engineer on a nuclear licensed site undergoing decommissioning

• Bespoke modelling work

• New build dose assessment work

• Shielding

• Preparation of defensible sampling regime using DQO

• Radioactive Material Transport

• Health Physics

• Health Physics monitoring

Career aspirations:

Stephanie aspires to be technical lead managing a team of radiation protection professionals.

Involvement in the SRP:

In 2010 she became a founding member of the SRP’s Rising Generation Group. As an RGG Working Group Committee member she was involved in organising the RPA Workshop event in Edinburgh.

Stephanie was RGG Chairman for the 2012/2013 term.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

In her spare time Stephanie enjoys playing the ukulele, knitting, real ales and watching Rollerderby.

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