Amendments to SRP's Charter

News Story from 17th Jul 2018

Amendments to SRP's Charter

Official papers confirming changes to our Charter and By-laws have been received today from The Privy Council.  A new clause in the Charter confirms that SRP will now 'create and operate for the public benefit a Register of Chartered Radiation Protection Professionals and also Registers of Incorporated and Technical Radiation Protection Professionals'.  The By-laws now state that 'Council shall establish a committee to be entitled the Radiation Protection Council (RPC), to implement and manage the Registers'.  Applicants to the Registers are required to be members of either SRP or of any of the organisations licensed by the RPC on behalf of the Society, and represented, on the RPC.

"We are delighted to have received the official approval" said President Amber Bannon. "This amendment to our Charter firmly establishes professional standards within the field of radiation protection.  I believe that this initiative will benefit not only SRP members, but also employers, employees and member of the public, by establishing clear standards, promoting professionalism and encouraging best practice in the field of radiation protection."




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