EA's Urgent Position Statements due to COVID-19

News Story from 22nd Dec 2021

EA's Urgent Position Statements due to COVID-19

The Environment Agency (EA) has extended the withdrawal date for the Regulatory Position Statements (RPSs) titled ‘Accumulating radioactive waste that you cannot transfer because of COVID-19’ and ‘Exceeding permit limits because of COVID-19 for medical use of radioactive substances’.  These COVID-19 RPSs will be withdrawn on 31 March 2022 unless the EA extends them.

COVID-19 RPS C13 explains when you can accumulate radioactive waste above the limits in your permit and for longer than your permit allows because of COVID-19 business disruption.  This COVID-19 RPS only applies where you accumulate radioactive waste that you're unable to transfer to destinations in the UK and overseas as a result of COVID-19 business disruption.  

COVID-19 RPS C15 explains when you can exceed the numerical limits in your permit for the radioactive material kept and used on site and the radioactive waste accumulated and disposed of because of COVID-19 business disruption.  This RPS only applies when you need to obtain additional radioactive material or generate additional associated radioactive waste as a result of COVID-19 where the radioactive material is used to carry out medical diagnosis or treatment in humans. 

The Regulatory Position Statements above include strict conditions which must be followed to continue protecting people and the environment during this period.  The EA expects all operators to comply with the law and the conditions of their environmental permits, unless covered by this or another RPS. 

You must tell the EA before you use the COVID-19 RPS C13 and/or C15 above.  For unsealed sources you must provide written confirmation by email that you're using the COVID-19 RPS to: RSR.Rotherham2.NE@environment-agency.gov.uk  .  For sealed sources contact the EA by telephoning 02030 238207 or 02030 238174 and they'll tell you how to submit the information securely.

If you're going to make disposals to the sewer above the limits in your permit, or hold additional sealed sources that would result in a change in security category, you will need the written agreement of the EA.

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